A coach for managers and teams. That’s what you need if you want to create an organization in which employees will constantly try to achieve the best results possible. I believe that your employees are the key to become long term successful. If there are issues within a team, if your employees don’t work together effectively and if they don’t reach their targets, it’s time for change. Apart from that, strong teams need strong leaders.

That’s the reason that I focus on coaching managers and their teams, so they are able to reach their full potential. I believe that investing in your people, is an investment that has a complete return on investment. Employees that excel, makes the organization excel. It’s as simple as that.

“Bravery at work support organizations who want to have strong employeess and teams who work together really well.”

Leadership development is key for every organization. In the end it are the leaders who will make a difference and make sure targets are met. They are the ones who are followed and set out the culture within the organization. The Bravery at work academy is set out to support managers and leaders on their path to be great. In addition to that, individual coaching will support leaders on their personal path en makes sure they can be great in what they do.

Team development will allow organizations to strive towards better results. Just imagine there are no longer issues in a team and the different team members work together effectively all the time. That’s exactly what I bring towards teams. From a workshop of half a day, a tailor-made coach program of six months, or anything in between, all is possible. It depends on the needs of the team and organization.

That’s why every organization needs a coach for managers and teams. Contact me to see how I can support your company.

‘We need to be brave at work every day, in order to develop, grow and be successful.’



  • Expert on leadership development

  • Does get teams and their members into action

  • Use of personal and team profiles

  • Brutally honest, with respect for the other person

  • Result driven mindset with passion for the development of employees

“Astrid was extremely well balanced as a manager. Her ability to identify a business challenge and get to the bottom of the root cause made a huge difference to our success as a business. She was also a senior leader that could influence change within the organization and someone that could mentor and develop upcoming talent.”

Vincent Arcuri

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